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Ceol Press is a digital and print media company that specializes in music and educational materials. We are musicians and educators with a passion for what we do. We carry quality products from other companies, but create and publish our own products as well. Our current projects include:

  • Ceol: Learning and Teaching Irish Traditional Music
  • TabNotes series: tune notation & tablature for for mandolin/Irish tenor banjo, whistle/flute, and guitar in standard, double D, and DADGAD tunings
  • The Foghlaim series of suggested ornamentation for flute, whistle, and fiddle
  • ePublishing the Nevins & Vaas: Drum, Fife, and Bugle book (1864)
  • Publishing the SciWonder primary school science curriculum
  • The Civil War Bugler iPhone app
  • Music for Classroom Routines collection for preschool
  • General Music Curricula based on American music
  • Boomwhacker arrangements

Contact us today if you have an idea for a future product... or if you already have a curriculum, a lesson, a recording, an idea, or a random brilliant thought. We will work to make it a reality.

Having the right tool for the job is essential to your success, and we are proud to carry quality traditional instruments from respected builders. We are happy to help you find the right instrument, and we currently carry fiddles, whistles, Irish flutes, concertinas, guitars, tenor banjos, bouzoukis, mandolins, bodhrans, and many other traditional instruments. Use the drop-down menu to filter by instrument.

Like the Bothy Band before them, Lúnasa has defined Irish music for a generation of Irish traditional musicians.

From the band: "Lúnasa are internationally acknowledged as being the finest Irish instrumental band of recent times. They are renowned for their constant touring, having performed over 1,500 shows across the globe since the band formed in 1997. The band has appeared at internationally renowned venues such as The Hollywood Bowl, National Concert Hall, Dublin and the Sydney Opera House. In 2011 they were invited to appear at the White House.

Lúnasa’s inventive arrangements and bass driven grooves have steered Irish acoustic music into surprising new territory. The recordings have been hailed as some of the best and most important world music albums anywhere, while the blend of intelligence, innovation, virtuosity, and passion has brought them to the forefront of Celtic music."

They have released ten albums to date:

Lúnasa (1998); Otherworld (1999); The Merry Sisters of Fate (2001); Redwood (2003); The Kinnitty Sessions (2004); Sé (2006); The Story So Far... (2008); The Leitrim Equation featuring Lúnasa (2009); Lá Nua (2010); and Lúnasa With The RTE Concert Orchestra (2013)

Which is better... playing music yourself or listening to the very best? Ceol Music offers more than 100 recordings from the very newest, freshest bands to classics that have defined the genre. Use the dropdown menu above or choose from our first page of recommended titles.

RÓISÍN DUBH (formerly Celtic Music Society) is a unique program comprised of student musicians from East Rochester Senior and Junior High Schools in East Rochester, New York. This group of young musicians performs the traditional music of Ireland in authentic traditional and contemporary styles, and students are instructed through traditional methods. Since 2001, they have performed nearly 300 times, released three albums, hosted seven workshops by All-Ireland Champion musicians, and been heard worldwide on NPR’s Thistle and Shamrock radio program and Armed Forces Radio Network. Róisín Dubh was the only school-basd performance in the 2013 Rochester Fringe Festival, and has shared the stage with some of the top Irish musicians from our region and the world, including Lúnasa, Téada, Gráda, and Karan Casey. Róisín Dubh frequently presents workshops to students, teachers, and college music education majors. Róisín Dubh was one of only four student ensembles from the United States invited to perform at the National Music Student Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City, where they also presented a workshop for more than 100 teachers at the corresponding Music Educators National Conference.

Ceol Press is proud to publish the TabNotes series of traditional tunes. Tunes are presented in standard notation, with accompanying tablature for mandolin/Irish tenor banjo; whistle/flute; and guitar in standard, double D, and DADGAD tunings. Suggested slurring is included for fretted instruments; for suggested flute/whistle/pipe or fiddle ornamentation, see our Foghlaim series.

Purchased items are downloaded as PDF files. Choose between standard printable size or optimized for iPad viewing. Printable size may also be viewed on an iPad or other tablet, and longer tunes will only come in the vertical perspective. A free sample is available of The Kerfeunteun Jig.