Róisín Dubh

RÓISÍN DUBH ( Celtic Music Society) is a unique program comprised of student musicians from East Rochester Senior and Junior High Schools in East Rochester, New York. This group of young musicians performs the traditional music of Ireland in authentic traditional and contemporary styles, and students are instructed through traditional methods. Since 2001, they have performed nearly 300 times, released three albums, hosted seven workshops by All-Ireland Champion musicians, and been heard worldwide on NPR’s Thistle and Shamrock radio program and Armed Forces Radio Network. Róisín Dubh was the only school-basd performance in the 2013 Rochester Fringe Festival, and has shared the stage with some of the top Irish musicians from our region and the world, including Lúnasa, Téada, Gráda, and Karan Casey. Róisín Dubh frequently presents workshops to students, teachers, and college music education majors. Róisín Dubh was one of only four student ensembles from the United States invited to perform at the National Music Student Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City, where they also presented a workshop for more than 100 teachers at the corresponding Music Educators National Conference.